1. Hasan Syed had a poor experience with British Airways, they lost his father’s luggage on a flight. Hasan tweeted them about the incident - there was no reply for quite some time. When they did reply…

    British Airways replied by telling him they have fixed Twitter hoursHasan then invested $1000 into promoting a Tweet. He doesn’t want compensation from British Airways. He was upset. He had a point to prove and he effectively did that.

    British Airways: it’s time to get your collective marketing & communications heads our of your arses. Immediately stop using your Twitter feed as a promotional soap box (which it currently is) and truly engage with your customers.

    That is all.

  2. No Cottonelle No. Most definitley #douchesocial 

  3. Welcome to Douche Free Social! We’re hoping to be your source for a “Douche Free Social” strategy. We want you to look good, not bad and most certainly not douchey. There is nothing worse than putting yourself out there on social media using old marketing communication strategies. You’ll look douchey if you do that. Don’t do that.

  4. Another sweet #douchefreesocial strategy tip - make ‘em Love you! Via @artbarnmedia <3